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Roots Ayurvedic Hair Butter
Roots Ayurvedic Hair Butter
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Roots Ayurvedic Hair Butter

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A rich and super moisturising hair butter that will melt in the palms of your hands. This hair butter is suitable for all hair types, but is particularly suited for curly and afro textured hair. The aim of this hair butter is to nourish, moisturise and provide your hair with the essential ingredients to promote thicker and longer hair.Made with unrefined Kokum butter, this a fantastic ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids and is known to provide scalp stimulation. Organic Bacuri butter gives this product it’s beautiful brown hue. It is a fantastic moisturiser due to its tripalmitin content. Also great for dry scalp and dandruff. 

This butter comes with the added benefit of being infused with the ayurvedic hair renewal and growth oil.

100% natural with no hidden nasties or chemicals. 

The dark amber glass jar colour protects against UV light and protects the integrity of the ingredients within.



Hair mask

Scalp & Hair moisturiser

Hair sealant

Styling aid

Suitable for all hair types.

Best for: curly, coily and afro textured hair.

For Straight hair textures best used as a hair mask. Apply to roots and hair. Can be left on for a few hours or overnight and washed out the next day. 

Ingredients: Platonic insignia (Unrefined bacuri butter),  Organic peppermint EO and our proprietary blend of Ayurvedic herbs. 









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