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Are all of your products Vegan? 

•Yes, we are a proud Vegan founded company. All Essential Roots products are vegan and animal cruelty free. 

Are your products tested on animals? 

No. We only test on people :)

How do I use your body butter? 

•Place a small amount in the palms of your hands and rub together until the butter melts, then massage into the skin or hair. 
Please  note that in cold weather the product may be firmer. 

How do I store my body butters? 

•Keep the lids sealed tight, and keep out of direct sunlight. To avoid contamination try not to use soaking wet hands when removing the product from the jar.

How do I use the Ayurvedic Hair renewal and growth oil? 

•Our hair oil can be used in a number of way as mentioned on the product description.

How soon will I see growth or thickness to my hair?

Most customers report seeing a difference in 2-4 weeks, however please note that everyone's hair grows at different rates, and the initial cause for the hair loss has to be taken into account.

How will I know if I’m allergic to any of your products? 
• We advice to conduct a patch test before using the product. 

Do you have products that are suitable for Pregnant women and babies? 

 Yes absolutely!

For Pregnant women.

•Our Baby Roots range is perfect for both mama-to-be and babies as it contains all natural butters & oils, no essential oils. 

•The Ultra Nourishing Buttercream & The Essential Face and Body oil  (unscented) is also suitable, and all products are great to use on a growing bump! 

For babies. 

•Baby Roots Body Butter is suitable from birth, and can be used from head to toe. It contains moisturising cocoa butter & soothing Calendula which is perfect for delicate skin. 

What age can you start using the products on babies? 

•The Baby Roots Body Butter is suitable from birth. You will only need a penny size amount as a little goes a long way! 

The Baby Roots Hair Butter does contain a small amount of the Ayurvedic hair growth oil ( without essential oils). I would recommend using this after baby is 6 months old. In the meantime the baby roots body butter is perfectly fine.

What product would you recommend for menopausal skin?

The drop in Oestrogen reduces the production in collagen and elastin levels, making the skin thinner and more prone to drying. I would recommend using The Essential face and body oil. It is available scented with Neroli and unscented.

I have Acne, are your products suitable for me?

The answer is YES! in particular I would recommend our Ultra Nourishing Body butter as it contains Carrot seed oil. This has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which can help fight against acne.


Will you be adding anymore products to your range?

Yes! Please join our mailing list so that you are updated with all things Essential Roots.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can send an email to: or via the Contact us link.