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How your diet can affect your hair & skin.

It has been well known that our diet can make an impact on our skin and hair. It has been reinforced for years that drinking water can make a great difference to how our skin looks like, actress Gabrielle Union once commented that she drinks ‘a gallon of water, my hair, skin, and nails all changed once I started drinking a gallon of water a day.” Drinking water helps rid the body and skin of any toxins and helps to improve the skin. Incorporating it alongside your daily ritual will make a world of difference. It has been widely reported that increasing your water intake helps with glowing skin and has a plethora of benefits such as reducing skin issues. If you like many others find water too bland you can always jazz it up with lemon or basil or simply whatever you fancy.

We live in a world where healthy eating is everywhere from plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle becoming more popular. Research has shown that a vegan diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the chances of getting types of cancer. So how does our diet affect the way our skin and hair look like?

We have all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ which can impact how our skin and hair looks and feels like. Our skin benefits from the nutrition we get from our foods. It has been proven by research that eating foods rich in protein and taking certain vitamins can make a difference to how the skin looks like. The skin is the largest organ in the body and can be affected by what we eat. Consuming a poor diet can leave the skin looking dull also causing skin issues such as acne and eczema. Constantly bingeing on greasy food, indulging in chocolate a little too much, drinking alcohol can cause a flair up. Certain foods can aggravate skin conditions which is why it is important to take note of what you are putting in your skin.

Here are some foods that will help your skin to flourish

Iron in our diets can improve the skin looking much brighter, a lack of iron which can resort to your skin looking haggard and dull and can even make your skin itchy
Omega 3 has an abundance of benefits and help to improve the skin’s barrier, with foods such as sea food, fatty fish. With a plethora of health benefits such as lower inflammation and reducing heart disease the list is endless. It has been proven to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss. Enough to change one’s diet for the better!


What we eat can affect the health of our hair and the overall appearance. A lack of iron, essential fatty acids can slow the growth of the hair down or even worse can hair loss. It is also important to take note that excessively eating Vitamin A which can be found in liver, cheese and oily fish can cause hair loss


Time to change your diet perhaps, to help your hair thrive in all its glory. Here are some tips


Eating the right amount of protein that can be found in egg, beans, tofu, salmon is vital for hair growth. If you are looking to for hair goals time to start implementing change in the diet
Vitamin C is great for healthy thriving hair
Foods with B6 which includes banana’s, spinach, soya beans and all that good stuff can keep your hair healthy


There you have it, we hope you found this insightful and we would love to hear your thoughts.



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