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Now to all those contemplating a purchase of this product, my advice is buy, buy, buy!!!

I think it is fair to say that as we age, we become more conscious of what we put into our bodies as well as what we put on them. My ethos is simple - keep it green where possible and straightforward. I don’t have time for complex multi-layers when it comes to skincare nor do I want to spend fortunes. I prefer to invest in chemical-free products where possible. That is not to say that all chemicals are bad. After all, they do play an important role in our lifestyle so I try to minimise and not eliminate chemical-based products completely.

So when I delved further to learn that The Essential Roots skincare line was based on natural products, I thought - yes  a bonus! I am a massive fan of oils and have used various types from childhood to my now late thirties. As far as I can read, the face and body oil is full of nothing but pure goodness and has taken extremely well to my dry-prone skin. I use drops of the oil; morning and night after washing my face. I apply whilst my skin is still damp and supplement with a moisturiser to lock-in the oil. I also use on my feet where I have dry skin which is prone to cracking around the balls and heels and also top-up with a foot cream.

The results:I have been using the oil for two months and I can say hand on heart that it is fantastic. It has a mild and sumptuous fragrance which reminds me of the sense of relaxation you feel when at a spa but it is not an overbearing scent. I love that aspect of it as some natural oils are great but lets face it, can stink! A big no-no for me! My skin feels supple in the morning when I wake up, after applying the oil at night. I used to have dry patches around my chin, following a nights sleep. But these have now been minimised. My face also remains moist in the day following use of the oil in the morning but not greasy at all. Do be careful when using it around white surfaces as it can stain. Luckily I have been careful thanks to the advice provided on the packaging and The Essential Roots website so no nasty surprises for me yet.

So my verdict? Obviously, I highly recommend! Especially to those with drier skin types. For me, there was automatic trust in the brand having discovered that the founder is a practising midwife. I can’t help but think that a healthcare professional dedicated to caring for expecting mothers and newborns is more than likely to deliver a product which resonates with sustenance and care. And that is exactly what this oil delivers! I will be investing in more especially as we approach winter and I encourage you to try.



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